Information for Guests

Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of a booking is acknowledgment and agreement to these terms and conditions.

Reservations and Payment Conditions

The tariff is based on the number and type of guests for the specified time and duration. Any changes thereto may change the tariff.

Prices quoted are current at time of booking, inclusive of GST and firm upon full payment for the specified time and duration.

Changes or cancellations during the Christmas School Holidays

Must be made prior to the 31st of October.  If cancelling after the 31st of October and accommodation or site can be resold a refund will be issued less a $30 administration fee. Refunds may take up to 30 days.  If site cannot be resold, no refund will be issued.

Cancellation for Folk Festival Booking

No refunds apply.

Cancellation during period of High Demand

All cancellations during peak season will incur a $30 cancellation fee.

During the summer holiday period any changes or cancellations must be made prior to 31 October.

If cancelling prior to 31 October, a refund will be issued less $30 cancellation fee.

If cancelling after 31 October and the site can be resold, a refund will be issued less the $30 cancellation fee.

During the Easter holiday period, cancellations must be made 14 days prior to arrival date , a refund will be issued less the $30 cancellation fee. If cancelling within 14 days of arrival no refunds will be given.

During public holidays, other designated holidays and special local events no refunds will apply.

Cancellation during period of Low Demand

Deposits on reservations cancelled more than 7 days prior to arrival, will be refunded less a $30 cancellation fee.

Deposits on reservations cancelled within 7 days of arrival date will not be refunded. However, deposits can be transferred to a future reservation, but may be subject to any future advertised tariff increases.

Notification of Cancellation

All requests for refund must be made directly with the park. It is preferred this is made in writing
via letter or e-mail.

Requests for refund can be made verbally. In these instances, the Park Manager / Caretaker will formally respond in writing as a shared record of the request and confirmed outcome.

Failure to notify of a cancellation or if a guest does not arrive within 24 hours of the reservation date, the reservation will be cancelled, without refund of any paid deposit or fees. Exemptions may be considered under clause 4.7 of the Port Fairy Caravan Parks Refund Policy.

Maximum stay limit

Council managed caravan parks serve as designated Tourist Parks, providing short-term accommodation options for holidaymakers. Moyne Shire caravan parks welcome both casual tourists and essential key worker personnel. Each occupant is eligible to stay at any given site within a designated park for a maximum duration of 59 consecutive nights.

Maximum Stay Limit: This policy is in place to manage occupancy levels effectively, particularly during peak seasons such as holidays or summer vacation periods. The maximum stay limit ensures that more guests have the opportunity to enjoy the facilities of the caravan park during busy times.

Site Maintenance: The 59-night maximum stay policy is instrumental in ensuring that the caravan park sites are meticulously maintained to meet established standards of quality and upkeep. Our commitment to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and amenities enhances the overall experience for all guests.

By booking a stay at our caravan parks, guests acknowledge and agree to adhere to the maximum stay limit of 59 consecutive nights. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us manage occupancy levels and maintain the quality of our facilities for all visitors.

Promotional code, voucher or membership discounts

Must be redeemed at time of online booking. Discounts will not be applied or refunded after a booking has been confirmed. Only one promotional/membership offer can be redeemed on any booking.

Group Bookings and Special Offers

Please note the above conditions do not apply to group reservations or reservations that are made pursuant to a ‘Special Offer’. Please check with the park for terms and conditions with regard to group reservations or special offers. 


In the respect for the comfort of others staying at each of the Moyne Shire Council operated Caravan Parks, we only allow one vehicle per booking unless prior arrangement with management. The speed limit throughout our caravan parks is walking pace.

Persons under 18 years of age

Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the full length of their stay.


In the interests of all guests enjoying their stay, we ask that excessive noise is ceased by 10pm. Drunkenness, loud parties and offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. Your booking will be immediately terminated, and you will be asked to leave without a refund.


If there are any damages caused to the cabin, including, but not limited to; furniture, walls, floors or electrical equipment, we will charge the credit card details provided at the time of booking for the total amount to repair damages.

Credit Card or Debit Card fees

If you wish to pay by MasterCard or Visa credit, we will charge a non-refundable card surcharge of 1.00% of the total transaction value through our online booking.


We strictly prohibit smoking in any park buildings, cabins or amenities. If you smoke in the Lodge, camp kitchen or toilet block there will be a $200.00 cleaning fee that will be charged to your credit card details provided at the time of booking to compensate for additional cleaning and airing time.


The child rate applies to ages 5-17 years


Although we make every effort to keep you on the site you have booked, management reserve the right to move you.

We reserve the right to refuse entry into Parks.

Pet Policy

Guests that are permitted to have dogs stay with them must:

(a) No more than two (2) dogs are permitted per allocated dog friendly Camping Sites.

(b) Dogs must be kept under effective control at all times and must not be left unattended.

(c) Dogs must be registered.

(d) Dogs must have received the C3 vaccine (for canine distemper virus, canine adenovirus and canine parvovirus).

(e) When dogs are outside the van/tent/annex/RV etc they must always be on a lead under the effective control of a person who can manage the dog.

(f) Dogs are not permitted in common areas unless advised by Caravan Park management.

(g) At night, dogs must be tied up or corralled in a suitable enclosure from which the dog cannot escape.

(h) Owners must not allow the dog(s) to enter other Camping Sites.

(i) Dog owners must clean up after their dogs immediately and dispose of the waste in designated bins.

(j) Excessive barking will not be tolerated and will be treated as excessive noise issues as per the Caravan Park and Camping Grounds Rules.

(k) Aggressive behavior by dogs will not be tolerated. Owners will be asked to take steps to correct the aggressive behavior in the first instance. If the aggressive behavior cannot be mitigated the Dog(s) may be required to leave the Caravan Park.

(l) All other relevant Victorian and local council regulations must be followed in respect to the dogs, including, but not limited to, dog regulations (such as timeshare regulations and lead regulations) on surrounding beaches.

(m) No exceptions to these conditions will be made for any camper without the express permission of the relevant Caravan Park Manager.

3.6. Any dog that has been declared a dangerous dog, menacing dog or restricted breed dog, within the meaning of the Domestic Animals Act 1994, must NOT be brought into any Authority managed Caravan Park.


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Way too expensive for a powered and uncovered sites!!!!!!!!!!
Raelene Cook
Raelene Cook
Stayed overnight on camping site recently. Paul a very charming host. Facilities old but very clean and well maintained. Camp kitchen no frills but adequate. Pleasant location and good for dogs.
Athol Gunther
Athol Gunther
Lovely little park. Dog friendly Nice mix of gardens and countryside. Small town with a couple good places to eat. Park owner is really sweet. Amenities were nice. Lovely place to camp overnight. One downside was the birds. Those things don't know how to be quiet. I suggest you bring earplugs. Would stay again if I ever pass through there again.
kris irwin
kris irwin
Great park to relax. Especially with little babies. Paul is fantastic 🙂
Laura Dk
Laura Dk
Very nice place, amenities clean, Paul was very helpful ! Totally recommend !
Christelle Matherat
Christelle Matherat
Birds get a bit loud
We would highly recommend this park. Quiet, lush green grass, very clean amenities and a very nice and informative caravan park caretaker.
Kerri Sebire
Kerri Sebire
Very clean, peaceful. Park manager is awesome. Skate park for kids, small but tidy and easy to navigate. Lots of walking trails and sensational bird life.
Vaughan Scott
Vaughan Scott